Political Attitudes and Political Participation

Selected current publications

Support for Direct and Deliberative Models of Democracy in the UK: Understanding the Difference, Political Research Exchange, 2 (1),2020 (with Sergiu Gherghina). (Link)

An Alternative to Representation: Explaining Preferences for Citizens as Political Decision-Makers, in: Political Studies Review, 2018, 17(3)  (with Sergiu Gherghina). (Link)

Don’t Good Democracies Need “Good” Citizens? Citizen Dispositions and the Study of Democratic Quality, in: Politics and Governance, 2018, Vol. 6, No. 1, S. 33-47 (with Quinton Mayne). (Link)

Linking Democratic Preferences and Political Participation: Evidence from Germany, in: Political Studies, 2017, 65 (1S): 24-42 (with Sergiu Gherghina). (Link)

Geißel, Brigitte: Kritische Bürger - Gefahr oder Ressource für die Demokratie?, Campus, 2011. (Link)