Lectures in English and in other languages

Knowledge of the German language is important and beneficial to successfully completing your studies in Frankfurt. We'll help you improve your German language skills while you're here, for instance with language classes in small teams, a well-equipped language learning facility and special classes for international students on the German Legal System. And don't forget: it's always easier to learn a language when you're immersed in the country and culture in which the language is spoken.

We are an international faculty, so besides teaching classes in German we offer many courses in English and other languages such as French, Italian or Turkish as well. This way, you'll get to know even more languages, legal systems, and you may even help your fellow students improve their foreign language skills. Win-win!

More up-to-date information on our classes can be found in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis.

Lectures in English

Lectures for Summerterm 2024 will be added soon !

Winterterm 2019/20

European Labour Law
Seminar, January 14-16, 8 – 6 pm
Place of Event: RuW 1.101
Instructors: Gramano

International Human Rights Law
Colloquium, October 4/18, November 8, December 6, January 10, 2 – 6 pm
Place of Event: RuW 1.101, 3.101, 2.101
Instructors: Steinbrück Platise

Introduction to English Law
Lecture, October 14 to February 10, 6 – 8 pm
Place of Event: HZ5
Instructors: Zhu, Sichelschmidt

Introduction to South African Law
Lecture, December 17, 12 - 6 pm, December 18/19, 10 - 6 pm, December 20, 10 - 4 pm
Place of Event: SH 0.106, RuW 2.101
Instructor: Scheibert

Migration Law and Policy: International, European, and German Perspectives
Colloquium, October 16 to January 29, 12 - 4 pm (every two weeks)
Place of Event: RuW 3.101
Instructor: Skordas, Bogdandy

U.S. American Tort Law from a Comparative Perspective
Colloquium, October 15 to February 4, 4 - 6 pm 
Place of Event: RuW 1.301
Instructor: Zekoll

US Laws & American Legal Terminology
Lecture, October 18 to November 29, 3 – 6 pm
Place of Event: HZ3
Instructor: Beller

Also we organize several Moot Courts in English language. Please contact the professorship for more information.

Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court - Prof. Dr. Rainer Hofmann

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitation Moot Court - Prof. Dr. Manfred Wandt / Prof. Dr. Joachim Zekoll

Oxford Intellectual Property Moot Court - Prof. Dr. Alexander Peukert