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The Faculty of Law at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University is one of the largest Law Faculties in Germany and has at present 34 professorships and 4.089 students.

Major research areas are „Principles of Law“, “Europeanization and Globalization of Law” and “Economic, Labor and Social Law”.

(1) Principles of Law: This department focuses on the legal principles of modern societies, which are internally shaped by processes of individualization and fragmentation and externally exposed to a large pressure of problem solving due to the dynamics of globalization. Institutional supports for this research area on the principles of law are the Institute for the History of Law, the Institute for Criminology and the Philosophy of Law and the Cluster of Excellence “Formation of Normative Orders”, the LOEWE project “extrajudicial and judicial dispute resolution” as well as the Cornelia Goethe Center.

(2) Europeanization and Globalization of Law: Transnational Law includes the disciplines of International and European Law as well as International Economic Law, whose limits and duties are to be explored again in the light of new phenomena and normative complexes such as the WTO, Cyberlaw, Lex Mercatoria, International Criminal Law and Human Rights. Research projects focus on problems of European Integration, the development of an international economic system and peace, order and the emergence of transnational, non-state legal regimes. Institutional supports for the research area are the Institute for International and European Private Law and Comparative Law as well as the Institute for Public Law. The focus is continued and strengthened through the cooperation with the Wilhelm-Merton-Center for European Integration and International Economic Order as well as close cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg.

(3) Economic, Labor and Social Law: The changing economic, social and political conditions as well as the conditions of the location of the university, especially the proximity to international and domestic financial institutions, shape the research activities in the field Economic, Labor and Social Law. The focus of the research area, performed in interdisciplinary collaboration with the Department of Economics, lies in matters of Corporate and Monetary Law of the European, International and German Banking law, Capital Markets Law, Insurance Law as well Labor Law. In the House of Finance, Economic Law Professorships of the Faculty, the affiliated Institute for Law and Finance and the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability, each cooperate with legal Professorships. The Department also participates in the recently approved LOEWE project “Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe”. In the field of Social Law, Frankfurt has provided a center for research and lecture series for some time in cooperation with the Institute for European Health Care Policy and Social Law.