Basic Physics Practical Course (Physikalisches Anfängerpraktikum)

This practical course is meant for students of physics, biophysics, meteorology and L3 teaching degree students (at least 2nd semester), as well as students with physics as a minor subject.

The requirement for an application for the practical course is the successful participation in a tutorial for one of the experimental physics lectures (Ex1, Ex2 or "Einführung in die Physik"/introductory physics 1, 2). This requirement also applies for minor subject students.

Online Application

Online application for the practical courses for beginners in the summer semester 2024 is open from

08.02.2024, 8.00 Uhr till 03.03.2024, 22.00 Uhr

Applications are ONLY possible during this time frame! 

The practical course is compulsory for all participants via the Information System (QIS/LSF)

For the application, please log in to the QIS-portal with your HRZ account, navigate to the practical course and click at "enroll" during the given application time frame.

If the practical course offers alternative dates you also have the option to state your priority dates. Be sure to make use of this offer.

Informations and Instructions for the Practical Courses

Practical Courses - Rooms:

Physikgebäude, Max-von-Laue-Str. 1, Campus Riedberg

PART 1 (Mechanik, Optik, Wärmelehre):Room 204 to 206, ground floor
PART 2 (Elektrizitätslehre):Room 207 and 211, ground floor