Research at the Department of Physics

The Physics Department at the Goethe University has a strong focus on basic and applied research. A large number of current research topics are dealt with at the six institutes with almost 40 professorships. The working groups are involved in regional and supra-regional research alliances and numerous scientific collaborations.

Here you can access the Newsflash - the news from the Department of Physics published in Goethe University press releases.

The physics department is anchored in the university profile area of Space, Time and Matter and is dedicated to unravel the physical principles on which all natural science is based. Three focus research areas are integrated within the profile area, which bridges the gap between the elementary building blocks of matter in particle, nuclear and atomic physics and their collective interaction in unravel quantum materials right up to the interior of the densest compact stars or molecules that take on important functions in living organisms.

Outside of these main research areas, research at the Institute for Didactics should be mentioned. Here, questions about experimentation and modelling in physics lessons are examined, new teaching concepts and ways of using computers are designed and evaluated, and the professional competence and predictors for the professional success of prospective physics teachers are examined.