​Course Evaluation - An Overview for Lecturers

In order to make the process of course evaluations more understandable and transparent for you as a lecturer, you will find below an overview of the course of the evaluation process from the preparation of the evaluations to the evaluation and transmission of the results.

The Faculty Council Physics (FBR) has decided that a full evaluation has to carried out every semester.

All lectures, practical courses and introductory seminars ("Proseminare") are evaluated (seminars, however, not). Excercises can be included in the evaluation.

The lecturer will be contacted by studiumdigitale

Implementation of the evaluation

Evaluation and transmission of results

At the beginning of lecture period

In the specified period for the evaluation

If possible before the end of the event

  • Studiumdigitale will contact lecturers via email 
  • Studiumdigitale provides a three-week time window in which the evaluation should be carried out 
  • The lecturer indicates the number of people taking part in the course
  • Additional blocks can be attached to the online basic evaluation form
  • The evaluations are carried out online at the dates agreed by studiumdigitale 
  • For this purpose, lecturers receive a link from studiumdigitale about a week in advance
  • The results of the evaluation should be discussed with the students during the lecture period 
  • Events with fewer than 4 returns will not be counted 
  • Individual comments from students are also not forwarded to lecturers if there are fewer than 5 participating students 
  • The evaluation results (without free text) are also sent to the dean of studies and discussed in the study committee.

If you have any questions about the evaluation, please contact:

studiumdigitaleJana Niemeyerevaluation@studiumdigitale.uni-frankfurt.dePhone: 069 / 798 24618