M.Sc. Kristina Klug

Research Assistant



E-Mail: klug@psych.uni-frankfurt.de
Phone: +49 - (0)69 - 798 - 35329

Office hours:

on appointment

Room: PEG 5. G 038

Since August 2019 I have been working as a research assistant and PhD Studen in the Department of Differential Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics. My research focuses on body modifications and especially on tattoos, their underlying motivations, autobiographical and personality associations. Furthermore, I work with the impostor self-concept, its recording, personality correlates and health effects.

Regarding the university courses of the DPPD department I regularly teach the seminar PsyBSc 17: Applied Psychological Assessment.

In addition to my work in the department, I am currently in further training to become a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.