Research areas

Our section deals with fundamental, experimental and applied, biologically oriented differential psychology and psychology assessment in the field of research on stress and emotion.

We conduct both experimentally controlled laboratory studies (with focus on manipulation of stress responses and on experimental induction of emotions such as anger, fear and disgust) and field studies (e.g. stress evoked by exams, shift work or emotion suppression in the workplace). In this respect, subjective, behavioral, cognitive and somatic (peripherally physiological, endocrinological, immunological and neurophysiologic) reactions are measured.

Our research is not restricted to healthy participants but also includes certain risk groups, patient groups and employees. In addition to fundamental research, the implementation of results in the field of clinical psychology and work psychology is important to us (for promoting health, but also work satisfaction, motivation and performance). Here, we consider inter-individual differences in personality, resilience and so on.
In parallel to the above-mentioned research areas, our group is occupied with the development and validation of personality questionnaires.

In our research, national, international and interdisciplinary research corporations as well as practice-oriented contacts play a central role.