Dr. Antonia Werner

Research Assistant



E-Mail: a.werner@psych.uni-frankfurt.de
Phone: +49 - (0)69 - 798 - 35333
Office hours: currently on parental leave
Room: PEG 5.G 039

I work as a post doctoral researcher in the Department of Differential Psychology and Psychological Assessment  (DPPD)led by Prof. Dr. Sonja Rohrmann. My research focuses on factors of resilience, especially self-criticism and self-compassion. Furthermore, I work in the field of emotion regulation, stress and coping research, mental health promotion and investigate the etiology and prevention of mental disorders.

In addition, I engage in applied sport psychology, practicing individual mental training and coaching for young athletes in track and field to foster resilience and well-being among adolescents and young adults.

Regarding my teaching activities, I regularly lead lectures in the module PsyBSc17: Assessment methods and their applications (Interview and behavior observation; psychometric assessment of personality and cognitive functions). Furthermore, I participate in the PsyMSc5 research module with a session on the topic “Data preparation” and supervise Bachelor as well as Master students preparing their theses.