Florence Scholarship

The Association for Alumni and Friends of the Goethe University Law Faculty awards up to four scholarships to attend the Summer School of the Academy of European Law that takes place in Florence in June/July of every year. The Academy of European Law was established in 1990 at the European University Institute in Florence and holds Summer Courses in Human Rights Law and the Law of the European Union. The language of the summer courses is English, meaning that participants need to have a strong command of English. Participants should have graduated in law or completed at least one year of a recognised legal training programme. The summer schools are open to practitioners. Consequently, legal trainees who have already completed their First State Examination in Law are also eligible to apply. As the number of summer school places is limited, admission is based on merit. Each scholarship is worth €800,00.

The online application form for the summer schools is available on the European University Institute’s website at http://www.eui.eu. It also contains more information on the courses. To apply for a scholarship, candidates should send a copy of their application for the Summer Course to the President of the Association of Alumni and Friends of the Goethe University Law Faculty, c/o the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Law, Goethe University, Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 4, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, marked for the attention of Dr Susanne Pelster.

In the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 only one scholarship was awarded. The holder of the 2005 scholarship was Anna von Oettingen, followed in 2006 by Cornelia Janik. In 2007 a scholarship was awarded to Zuhal Arasan and in 2010 to Alexandra Steinebach. In 2011 the Association awarded three scholarships, which went to Christina Engemann, Catherine Müller and Lisa Müller. The holders of the 2013 scholarships were Sahar Moradi Karkaj and Cornelia Christina Scupra. These were followed in 2014 by Alexander Karst, Nadine Dröner and Ethem Coban, in 2015 by Jan Friedeborn, Ghizlane Elouariachi and Carina Schwarz, in 2016 Sascha Gourdet and Jennifer Drewald and in 2017 Natalie Baumgart, Julia Bolten, Bianca Kieslich and Victoria Adouvi.

The reports of past scholarship holders (in German) can be downloaded in PDF-Format here:

Year Participants Download the reports (in german)
2005 Anna von Oettingen Report 2005
2006 Cornelia Janik Report 2006
2007 Zuhal Arasan Report 2007
2010 Alexandra Steinebach Report 2010
2011 Christina Engemann Report Christina Engemann 2011
Catherine Müller Report Catherine Müller 2011
Lisa Müller Report Lisa Müller 2011
2013 Sahar Moradi Karkaj Report Sahar Moradi Karkaj 2013
Cornelia Christina Scupra Report Cornelia Christina Scupra 2013
2014 Alexander Karst Report Alexander Karst 2014
Nadine Dröner Report Nadine Dröner 2014
Ethem Coban Report Ethem Coban
2015 Jan Friedeborn Report Jan Friedeborn 2015
Ghiziane Elouariachi Report Ghiziane Elouariachi 2015
Carina Schwarz Report Carina Schwarz 2015
2016 Sascha Gourdet Report Sascha Gourdet 2016
Jennifer Drewald Report Jennifer Drewald 2016
2017 Natalie Baumgart Report Natalie Baumgart 2017
Julia Bolten Report Julia Bolten 2017
Victoria Adouvi Report Victoria Adouvi 2017