A selection of our publications and brochures in English

Annual Report

Takes you on a journey through Goethe University, covering 12 months of research, study and higher education topics.

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Guide for international researchers

In this brochure international researchers will find a large amount of information all about your stay in Frankfurt.

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A city for entrepreneurs at the heart of Europe

This brochure is directed at you as a potential investor or start-up company, and aims to offer help while you are still deciding about committing yourself to Frankfurt.

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Internationalisation Strategy

In this brochure you will find information about Goethe University internationalisation strategy.

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An overview of our main publications in German


The UniReport, founded in 1968 for all Goethe University members, was one of the first university newspapers in Germany.


Forschung Frankfurt

Twice a year, researchers at Goethe University provide insights into unfamiliar scientific worlds.



Since June 2008, the employee newsletter GoetheSpektrum reports on university issues ranging from university strategy and administration to campus life.



Our annual report takes you on a journey through twelve months of research, learning and academic policy at Goethe University.

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