Bachelor Programme Biological Sciences


What are Biosciences?

The bachelor's degree program in biological sciences provides knowledge of the various subdisciplines of biology and related disciplines. It lays the foundations for the study of life processes at different levels - from the level of molecules to subcellular compartments, cells, tissues or organs, unicellular and multicellular organisms, and ecosystems. The focus is not only on static recording and description, but above all on understanding interrelationships and dynamic processes. The broad-based course of study provides an insight into many sub-disciplines of biology as well as the basic knowledge of chemistry, physics and mathematics necessary for their understanding. It allows for specialization by offering an elective area and concludes with a Bachelor's thesis.

Interdisciplinary Bachelor Programmes


"The Chemistry of Life" -

Understanding the cell and its complexity. 


"(De-) Coding Life" –

The interface of biology and informatics.


"Physics of Life" –

The intersection of physics, chemistry and biology.