Goethe University's guesthouses


The Goethe Welcome Centre has a total of 68 furnished rooms/apartments for the accommodation of international researchers coming from abroad at its disposal. Since the capacity of Goethe University's four guesthouses is limited, you should contact your host professor at Goethe Frankfurt University about a possible accommodation in one of our guest houses as early as possible. Only host professor should contact the Goethe Welcome Centre (Mrs de Porras).

More Guesthouses of the Goethe University

Please note that the research group "Human Sciences" also offers rooms in their guesthouse (pdf information) for University guests in Bad Homburg.

Moreover the Villa Giersch accommodates international researchers of the "FIAS - Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies" and their families in eight luxurious apartments. 


Global Office
Goethe Welcome Centre

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Researcher Advisor and Guest House Management

Ms. Isabelle de Porras

Campus Westend
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Tel. +49-69-798-17193
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Office Hours: Wed.: 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. - or by appointment