Chair of Sociology of Work

How to find us

How to find us on the Campus

PEG Building

Our offices are situated in the PEG-building right next to the Hansaallee. The entrance is at the side opposite to the Hansaallee.

To get to our offices on the 2nd and 3rd floor, you can take the main staircase or the elevator. Both are located in the entrance hall on your left.

2nd floor
  • 2.G 171 - Dr. habil. akad. Silvia Krömmelbein
3rd floor
  • 3.G 107 - Anna Anlauft
  • 3.G 118 - Prof. Hofmeistercker 
  • 3.G 149 - Paul Sinzig & Swana Schuchmann

Blue painting in the 3rd floor

Café Terrace at Night - Vincent van Gogh

Since the corridors in the PEG building look the same on both sides, keep your eyes peeled for the blue painting at the end of the third floor corridor. You can see it from the stairs.

Caféterrasse am Abend - 
van Gogh