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Paul Sinzig, M.A. at the Chair of Sociology of Work


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Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6 / PF 14
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Paul Sinzig is a life course researcher and work sociologist focusing on the interplay between paid and unpaid work, gender, family, and social policies. He is intrigued by the sequences, turning points, and interactions between work and family trajectories. More specifically, how does gender ideologies influence work or family trajectories and how do they influence each other? How are career or family transitions or the absence of these shaping individuals' life courses? And how do individual choices and transitions depend on one's own past experiences, values, and aspirations? Such questions are driving my research interest while at their core all of them deal with social inequalities. Currently he is exploring the field of leadership on as an epitome of constraints and interconnections between gender, occupational aspirations, discrimination, and familial responsibilities.
Next to the research I teach in the field of sociology of work, gender segregation in work, and philosophical ways of looking at work and its boundaries. His teaching involves academic writing techniques, critical thinking, and the analysis of empirical-analytical research. Additionally he gives talks about scientific writing focusing on the writing process, argumentation, and structuring text regarding their readability.

Professional experience

Research Fellow (pre-doc)

Specialty in the Sociology of Work (Prof. Heather Hofmeister)
Institute of Sociology
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
since 10/22

  • Conceptualizing and writing an independent cumulative dissertation
  • Supporting research projects from the chair
  • Teaching 1-2 seminars (each 2 SWS with 20-40 students) each semester
  • Coordination for the course “Propädeutikum Soziologie" (~800 students)

Academic Writing Consultant

since 2021

Speaker for academic writing techniques, moderating colloquia groups, and development and copy editing for individual papers/theses/dissertations

Study Coordinator, Tutor and Research Assistant

Specialty in the Sociology of Work (Prof. Heather Hofmeister)
Institute of Sociology
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
04/17 - 09/22

Conceptualization, organization, and supervision of 8 tutors and 14-18 tutorials for ~400 students on scientific work and writing


Ph.D. in Sociology (current)

Supervisor: Heather Hofmeister
Goethe University Frankfurt
Expected Graduation: 2026

M.A. “with honors" in Sociology

Average grade: 1.2
Thesis: The gender leadership gap in Germany
Goethe University Frankfurt
2019 – 2022

B.A. “with honors" in Sociology

Average grade: 1.2
Thesis: Paternal leave from a life course perspective
Goethe University Frankfurt
2016 – 2020


Work Family, and Gender over the Life Courses especially Parenthood and Leadership


Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods, QCA and Systematic Reviews

Krause, I., & Sinzig, P. (in press). Was bedeutet erfolgreich abgeschlossen? Dokumentation der Studierendendiskussion zum Thema im Rahmen der Ad-hoc-Gruppe „Studienerfolg“. Der Verhandlungsband des 41. Kongresses Der Deutschen Gesellschaft Für Soziologie (DGS) Vom 26.-30. September 2022 in Bielefeld. Gesellschaft unter Spannung.

Invited presentations

Academic Writing: From Planning to Editing Your Thesis

Colloquium “Qualitative Empirical Research Methods"
Goethe University Frankfurt

How to: Thesis – How to structure the writing process of a thesis

Colloquium “Work sociology"
Goethe University Frankfurt

Other presentations

The gender leadership gap in Germany: Evidence from a systematic literature review

CLBO Research Colloquium
Goethe University Frankfurt

The gender leadership gap in Germany: Evidence from a systematic literature review

InFER Mid-Level Colloquium
Goethe University Frankfurt

Seminars BA Level

Study/Tutorial Coordination

since Winter term 2017

Propädeutikum Soziologie: Introduction to Sociology and Scientific Work