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Feb 26 2021

Clustering of receptors can have the same effect as binding a signaling molecule – receptor clusters can direct cell movement 

Cell biology: Signal transduction without signal 

Feb 19 2021

Goethe University successful in industry open call for replacement of animal components

Search for alternatives to animal testing in toxicology research 

Feb 15 2021

Goethe University further expands scientific focus 

Newly founded: Buber-Rosenzweig Institute as a prominent research centre on modern Judaism

Feb 15 2021

Goethe University research team investigates aerosal formation from iodine-containing vapours in international CLOUD project 

Climate research: rapid formation of iodic particles over the Arctic – more clouds could cause ice to melt faster

Feb 10 2021

Researchers from Frankfurt and Grenoble observe disulphide bridge formation in gamma-B crystalline for the first time in the ribosomal exit tunnel 

How the 3-D structure of eye-lens proteins is formed

Feb 4 2021

Goethe University honours patron, romantic arts lover and doctor Klaus Heyne 

New Science Award for Romanticism Research

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