Plan on Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

To promote the project activities and results is one of the legal obligations of the project Grant agreement.

This plan on Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation is designed for promoting the project activities and results by informing multiple audiences such as citizens, the media, stakeholders, etc., it serves as a strategical basis for implementing outreach activities during CLOUD-DOC.


The main goals of the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation activities are to make the project activities and results visible to the best experts in aerosol research, to generate market demand, to raise awareness of how public money is spent, and to show the success of European collaboration.


Scientific results of the project are planned to be published in scientific magazines, to be presented at scientific and/or targeted conferences. Finalised data of CLOUD experiments at CERN are continuously published in the databases in accordance with the Data Management Plan (Del.6.1).


The core of the MSCA project CLOUD-DOC is the CLOUD experiment at CERN. It brings together scientists from many institutions, also some who are not partners of CLOUD-DOC. The presentations of the CLOUD-DOC Fellows at the CLOUD Collaboration Meetings are of the great importance for the visibility of the MSCA EU project CLOUD-DOC to the research community.


For the benefit of innovation, the economy, and the society the results of the project are suggested to be used for commercial, societal, and political purposes.






Who is responsible?

Start informing the scientific community and public about the MSCA DN project CLOUD-DOC and start promoting it during the recruitment process of the Doctoral Candidates

For these purposes the management team will propose to the institutions involved to post the job advertisements not only at EURAXESS platform but also using other job advertising platforms at home institutions, local newspapers, scientific journals, sending e-mails with the information about the project and job opportunities, etc.

During the recruitment period

CLOUD-DOC Management Team, CLOUD-DOC Teams at partner institutions

Inform each hired fellow and keep them reminded about his/her obligations on dissemination, communication, and outreach for CLOUD-DOC

Provide each hired CLOUD-DOC fellow with a copy of the Grant Agreement, which contains the obligations on activities on communication, dissemination, and exploitation as a part of his/her employment contract.

Include this topic into the timetable of the Summer School, organised by Goethe University Frankfurt.

During the project time period 

CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Promoting the project in the media and at the partner organisations

Contact the media departments of the institutions involved and offer publications informing about the aims, frames, financial and other support from the EU to the project.

Motivate the PIs to publish the information on the start and further development of CLOUD-DOC at the institutional webpages

During the project time period 

CLOUD-DOC Management Team, project teams at partner institutions

Communication in media, public space, etc.

Support the production of the media content by CLOUD-DOC Fellows (articles in newspapers, on-line magazines, videos, etc). Create and update the CLOUD-DOC webpage

During the project time period 

All project participants, Fellows included, CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Explaining the EU MSCA funding scheme to external researchers and stakeholders

Promote the project during the network training events by explaining the project and the EU MSCA funding scheme to the external participants of the CLOUD-DOC training events. Invite the stakeholders to the network events (for example )

At the CLOUD network events

All project participants

Call the attention of the CLOUD-DOC Fellows to importance of the project communication, dissemination, and exploitation

Collect annual reports from the CLOUD-DOC Fellows on the communication/dissemination/exploitation activities

Periodically, using each opportunity

CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Make CLOUD-DOC and the support from the EU visible

Prepare the logo of CLOUD-DOC, which includes the EU flag. Prepare and distribute promotional items for the project (for example stickers, blocks, memory sticks)

Use the Open Day events at partner institutions for making the CLOUD-DOC activities visible

During the project lifetime 

CLOUD-DOC Management Team , All project participants




Motivate Fellows of CLOUD-DOC to present the results of the work at the CLOUD collaboration meetings

During preparation of  the meeting and setting up the agenda send invitation e-mails to the fellows to give a talk, remind about the obligation of the visibility of funding through CLOUD-DOC

During the project lifetime 

PIs, Fellows Supervisors, RTSGs

Motivate Fellows and the PIs of CLOUD-DOC to present the results at the scientific conferences

Discuss the participation of CLOUD-DOC Fellows in the scientific conferences at the meetings of RTSGs at host institutions, call attention to the visibility of the EU support

During the project lifetime and afterwards

RTSGs at host institutions

Motivate Fellows and the PIs of CLOUD-DOC to present the work in progress/results in well understandable form to all that can learn from the results: authorities, industry, policymakers, sectors of interest, civil society

Include in the training events respective courses on how to communicate with media, authorities, industry, policymakers, sectors of interest, and civil society

During the project lifetime and afterwards

RTSGs, CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Support activities of the Paper Committee of the CLOUD collaboration at CERN in preparing publications

Paper Committee is established for the whole CLOUD Experiment collaboration at CERN. During the collaboration meetings the topics and magazines of publications, time frames, author lists etc are discussed.  The obligation to make funding through EU is steadily reminded

During the project lifetime and afterwards

All partners of CLOUD-DOC




Call attention of the young scientist to implementing the scientific results

Discuss how to make the results used by young scientists themselves, by industry, by politic and other potential users

During the project lifetime and afterwards

RTSGs, CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Provide young scientists with knowledge, documents, and materials needed for making the results of their research used

Offer courses and talks by external lecturers as well as by CLOUD-DOC PIs running their own SMEs/working in the SMEs 

During the training events of the project

Project PIs, CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Motivate and support project fellows for organising the secondments at industrial partners of CLOUD-DOC


Start/support timely discussions on the planning the secondments

During the project lifetime

RTSGs, CLOUD-DOC Management Team

Motivate CLOUD-DOC Fellows having contracts at the academic institutions to register patents in case of patentable idea

Explain that academic institutions are also often participating in exploitation of the results in many ways  


During the project lifetime

RTSGs, CLOUD-DOC Management Team