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Why is there war? What is justice? What holds the EU together? If you are interested in these or similar key issues concerning our society, a Political Science degree programme is just right for you.

In the BA Political Science degree programme, you learn to get to grips with a wide variety of questions from the three sub-areas of Political Science: Political Theory deals above all with the question of how political processes should be shaped. In contrast, at the foreground of Comparative Politics is the question of how institutions and processes within political systems actually function (states, European Union). The sub-area International Relations is concerned with foreign policy issues and other cross-border political developments.

Beyond the acquisition of specialist knowledge, the degree programme also aims for students to develop the ability for critical judgement and to be able to recognise the causes of and solutions to complex political and social problems.

Frankfurt Peculiarities

The Institute of Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt is largest political science institute in Germany. It offers a particularly diverse and differentiated portfolio of degree programmes with a strong research focus in all subdomains of the subject. Following an introduction to the fundamental methods and contents of the subject, there are excellent possibilities to set your own priorities and further deepen your own knowledge in a particular area.

The degree programme in Frankfurt is characterised by its international compatibility – for example, you can make use of the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. Furthermore, the traditional dovetailing of Political Science with Sociology results in broad teaching of social science fundamentals with a focus on Political Science. The interdisciplinary research network “The Formation of Normative Orders" and cooperation with the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, part of the Leibniz Association, offer a unique variety of topics, teaching content and possibilities to specialise.

​ ​Quality Assurance through System Accreditation

As a quality assurance process, accreditation at Goethe University Frankfurt aims to ensure high-quality degree programmes. In Hesse, degree programmes are generally accredited, in accordance with Section 12 (2) Hessian Higher Education Act, before teaching operations commence. Since the university was accepted for system accreditation, accreditation has been conducted as an internal (re)accreditation process when degree programmes are established or continued.

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