Information for Pupils


Once a year, the Central Student Advisory Service of Goethe University Frankfurt organises a programme lasting several days with talks, discussions and sample lectures where school students can learn about the requirements, contents and career prospects of the respective degree programmes. The Faculty of Social Sciences participates in the shape of sample lectures in Political Science and Sociology.

This gives you an opportunity to explore the university more closely and perhaps even establish first contacts to students or professors in your preferred subject.

On the MainStudy event days, there are information stands on site for study and career advice, where you can obtain some brief information on all topics related to studies and career.

Taster Days

Our Taster Days offer grammar school students in their final four years the opportunity to come to the university for two days (Mon + Tue or Wed + Thu) and attend regular courses. The Taster Days are intended for upper school students in the qualification phase (final four years) of grammar school.

The event is designed for groups of students who register via their school and is ideally embedded in study and career guidance for upper school students.


The Uni:Hautnah project offers help with choosing a degree programme: Students from the first subject-specific semesters of the respective programme accompany school students to the campus and show them their everyday university life. How they organise their time together is up to them.

The aim is to create a picture of life at university that is as authentic as possible and to answer individual questions.

The project targets older grammar school students; they can either register via their school or individually.


Schüler*innenstudium is a programme for female upper school students who are able and willing to work in an independent, goal-oriented and dedicated manner, and whose motivation and performance are above average. It is an opportunity for them to unlock their potential and explore their interests beyond the school curriculum by participating in selected courses on a continuous basis while still at school – with mostly the same rights and obligations as university students.

Image credit: Kristin Langholz