Scenarios for the Future of Democracy

We combine evidence-based knowledge on participatory innovations with a new conceptualization of democracy. This enables us to develop scenarios for the future of democracy.

Elections Experiment: City of Filderstadt

Leader: Brigitte Geißel
Team: Johnathan Rinne, Viola Joschko, Petra Guasti

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Participation in Change
Our Democracy between Voting, Participating and Deciding

Timeframe: 2012 - 2014
Funding: Bertelsmann Foundation
Leader: Brigitte Geißel
Team: Johnathan Rinne

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Mehr Mitsprache wagen

Timeframe: 2019
Funding: Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation
Leader: Brigitte Geißel
Team: Stefan Jung

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Democraxy: A Systems Approach
Publishing Project

Timeframe: 2020-Present
Leader: Brigitte Geissel, Rikki Dean
Team: Jonathan Rinne

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