Informations on dinner, tours and restaurants:

What meals are famous in Frankfurt? - About Frankfurt's cuisine

If you look for a restaurant you can look →here

Dinner Wednesday: We will be at 'Apfelwein Wagner' in the south of Frankfurt. We will have seats in the heated beer garden with a good ventilation.

Dinner Friday: We will be at Dauth Schneider, again in a good ventilated, heated winter garden.

Maps about the locations for dinners and tours:

All relevant points are marked twith a star on this google map.

Meeting points for the tours    Restaurants Wednesday and Friday:



Informations on Sight Seeing tours:

On Wednesday and Friday afternoon you will have the possibility to have a  sight seeing of  the beautiful City of Frankfurt.  As due to the pandemic  situation, planning is not very easy, and to optimize the size of the groups, we decided to offer several options which you can select in advance. Please tell us two or three choices. This will be asked in the booking form.  In the case too few colleagues would join your first choice tour, we would offer another option for you. The price for all tours will be about 15 EUR. At the moment we don’t yet enable explicit booking of the tours. As soon all of you have made their  choice and we know about the detailed numbers you will be asked to book your chosen tour.  We will try to have groups of at least 10 people.

Program for Wednesday:

We will have lunch at the conference center and leave afterwards. Start will be nearby. The following three tours can be offered:

  • Past and Present Tour: Our first recommendation  would be the classic Frankfurt City tour which will tell you about both present and past. You can find informations here: →Past and Present
  • Frankfurt Peculiarities Tour: Those who would like to make a city tour from a different point of view, could join this tour. You can find in formations here: →Frankfurt Peculiarities
  • Boat trip:
    There ist he possibility to join a boat tour for 50 or 100 minutes, with some beautiful views to the skyline. The tours are the same from start, but you can get off after 50 minutes at the return point. You can find details →here

Program for Friday:

After the end of the conference, an afternoon program  is offered for those who stay until Saturday. The following three tours can be offered:

  • Past and Present Tour: We would offer this tour for those who haven’t joined this classical Frankfurt tour yet.  You can find informations here: →Past and Present
  • Frankfurt and its Apple Wine: If you want to learn more abour Frankfurt’s famous drink and its origin, informations arte available here: →Frankfurt and its Apple Wine
  • Boat trip: Again you will have the possibility to join a boat tour for 50 or 100 minutes.


Palm Garden: A recommendation which may be interesting for those of you who are interested in botanics, or who just would like to have some relaxing time in a green surrounding. You won’t have to buy a ticket in advance but can do it at the ticket office. More informations: →Palm Garden