Informations on SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus:

Please be aware that only fully vaccinated/recovered people can take part in person to our meeting. Please check the validity of your vaccination status as a third vaccination may be necessary.

  • For actual vaccination guidelines and valid vaccines in Germany (BioNTech, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Janssen, Novavax), please look at the →PEI site.
  • For travel informations, please follow the →information from the Federal Ministry of Health.
  • Rules according to March 2022 are the following (for further details see →here):
    -Covid certificate is valid 9 months, after this time a booster is necessary.
    -A certificate includes 2 vaccinations or recovery, after three months with a vaccination.
    -Our symposium probably will be held at '2G+' which means vaccinated/recovered plus tested.
  • Testing:  tests won't be mandatory as you are all vaccinated, but to keep our meeting safe, we will ask you to test yourself on a daily basis. You can either go to an official test center for a test, or test yourself with a valid test. We can provide the tests for you (ca 2 EUR per test). In case you need those, please contact the conference office in time to order.

"Tested" means tested with a rapid (antigen) test, which can be made for free on several sites in the city.

Please be aware of the hygiene rules during our conference. There is also a description of our  daily testing procedure.

Availability of tests:

If you need a PCR test: We have several test centers in Frankfurt City, e.g. one  several meters south west of the Conference location (marked with a yellow-white star): →Map
Generally the results are available within 24 hours, and they provide long opening hours. Price is 69EUR.

If you need a rapid antigen test, you will have the possibility to test there for free.

  • Test center nearby the conference location:→ here   you can make an appointment via the website. Please choose the location 'Frankfurt Altstadt'
    open Mo-Fr: 7:00-22:00 Sa-So: 8:00-22:00  
  • Test center at the airport: → here
  • Test center 'Paulsplatz' and 'Berliner Straße': → here (please choose the location 'Paulsplatz or Berliner Straße'; open all days
  • Main station (more options for faster PCR tests, some cheaper):
  • Nearby the Mainhaus Stadthotel: Medicare test center
    Free tests ('Bürgertests') should be possible by appointment

There are several more test centers in the city:

This chart shows the availability of tests nearby. The situation may change and I will update this picture if necessary.


(link to the map  regrettably only in German)