We are a team of professionally trained psychological and medical psychotherapists and psychologists and complement each other in our respective areas of work (behavioral therapy, depth psychology, and systemic approaches). Our offices are located on the Bockenheim campus in the Sozialzentrum / Neue Mensa (see map).  

Our services are primarily aimed at students of Goethe University who are looking for someone to talk to about a private matter. This includes study-related difficulties (exam nerves, work disturbances, etc.), personal problems (e.g. relationship conflicts, identity issues) or psychological disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, addiction).  Our counseling services range from crisis interventions in cases of emotional distress to short-term interventions (e.g. before exams) and process consultation (e.g. in cases of mourning or separation). 

The psychological counselors are bound to secrecy. Counseling is free of charge and is not billed to health insurance companies. Counseling takes place by appointment and does not include emergency care. 

In addition to personal counseling, the Counselling Service also offers students a wide range of prevention-oriented group events. In topic-specific workshops, skills are strengthened for dealing with challenges in studies and everyday life in a more healthy way, e.g. by learning relaxation techniques or how to cope with test anxiety and stress.  

University employees have the opportunity to contact us by telephone or e-mail in (psychological) conflict situations with students and to explore appropriate solutions. Within the scope of the project Studienerfolg im Dialog (Academic Success through Dialogue), we also offer supervision and further training for academic advisors.