Welcome to Studium Lehre Internationales

The SLI department is the central office for students, teachers, and departments regarding all topics of study, teaching, and international affairs. We offer students comprehensive services – from study orientation, application and enrollment, study planning and psychological counseling to study abroad, scholarships, examinations, and career planning. And, we accompany students every step of the way: No matter whether you're transitioning from secondary school to university or from university to professional life, whether you're studying abroad (both Goethe University students who go to other countries and international students who come to Frankfurt for part or all of their studies) or switching from a bachelor's to a master's degree. Our department also advises faculty and departments on the development of their study and teaching programs and study-program marketing, as well as the university's executive board on all strategic development issues relating to studies, teaching, and international affairs.

Department Management

Dr. Rebekka Göhring
Executive Director

PEG, 1.G028
Tel.: -18966

Michael Gerhard
Deputy Executive Director

PEG, 1.G030
Tel.: -12965

Marion Gröger
Project Coordinator 
Curriculum Management

PEG, 1.G043
Tel.: -17288

Johanna Ruhl
Assistant to the Executive Director

PEG, 1.G024
Tel.: -18105

Senta Kirsch
Assistant to the Executive Director

PEG, 1.G029
Tel.: -18988

Martin Stokowy
Office Management

PEG, 1.G029
Tel.: -15307

Elmas Saglam
Office Management

PEG, 1.G027
Tel.: -15052