Promoting Study Success

Martha Geiger

Coordinator  "Promoting Study Success“

PEG, 2.G183
Tel.: -18106

The focus of the project "Promoting Study Success" is on successfully supporting students and student advisors at Goethe-University Frankfurt. In the project, students are contacted by student advisors during the course of their individual studies and invited to an optional advisory session. Selected groups of students are addressed with the use of course monitoring, depending on subject-specific indicators. Selected students groups include students at risk of dropping out and high-achieving students. A variety of support tools are available to students and academic advisors (including an online self-reflection tool [in German language only]). 

At the same time, the professionalization of advisory services will be increased, both on departmental level and on central level (Student Advisory Service, Psychotherapeutic Advisory Service, etc.). The project promotes the networking of the participating counselors and the university-wide networking of the counseling facilities.