Hygiene concept:

Regrettably, the pandemic situation is not yet in the 'endemic' state that we could ignore the coronavirus. We have a shared responsibility to keep the virus out as best we can. One important instrument is testing. We will ask you to test on a daily basis (one test within each 24 hours).


  • The room is equipped wit a CO2 indicated will be ventilated regularly.
  • The chairs will be arranged with distance in between.
  • At the seat: Masks will be mandatory at the seat. FFP2/KN95/Medicinal face masks will be allowed.
  • Poster exhibition: FFP2/KN95/Medicinal face masks will be allowed. See Coffee breaks (below).
  • In the stairways and toilets FFP2/KN95 will be necessary.
  • Coffee breaks: this will be comparable to a visit in a restaurant. You cannot keep your mask on when consuming. But please try to keep distance, and leave on your mask as long as possible.
  • daily tests will be asked for
  • Advice for restaurants: If possible, look to be seated in a well ventilated or outside area (let's hope the weather won't be too bad)

How you can get tested:

You can either go to an official test center for a free antigen test, or test yourself with a valid test.  On our web page, I have published where you can find sites for testing. You can make your appointment there, generally without queue time, and get the result electronically after 15min.

If you prefer testing yourself, you can either bring them with you, or we can provide the tests for you (ca 2EUR per test).In case you are interested, please tell me by the end of the week, Friday 18 March how many tests you would like to order.

Testing procedure:

Those tests are not mandatory by the government. But we would like to give you more safety for our conference by testing.

So there won't be a check where you can only pass with a negative test, but we rather will work on a basis of trust. You will make those tests by yourself at the hotel, or go to a test center, once a day. If your test is positive, you will have to get an official test to confirm this result. The tests sometimes have a false-positive result and a repeated test then turns out to be negative. If it remains positive you have to isolate yourself. You can attend to the conference then virtually.