What is the 'Datenschutzzertifikat'?

The Datenschutzzertifikat (data protection certificate) is a series of events and lectures on data protection organized by students.

It consists of the lecture series on Datenschutz, Datensicherheit und ihre gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen (data protection, data security and their social impacts) in the summer semester and workshops on various topics relevant to data privacy and security throughout the year. Participation and acquired knowledge can be documented by the issuance of a certificate (the data protection certificate) if a specified minimum scope is reached. However, you may also participate in only individual workshops or in the lecture series.

The lecture series can be included as a supplementary module (Ergänzungsmodul) of the computer science courses at the Department 12, Institute of Computer Science with credit points, as well as some workshops.

Where can I find current and future events?

Lectures and workshops will be announced on the initiative's website and in the university's lecture directory.

And who organizes the lecture series and the data protection certificate?

The program is organized by a student initiative to sensitize students for data protection aspects and to impart knowledge in the field of data protection.

Co-organizers are always welcome.

In addition to the fun of organizing and imparting knowledge, participation also offers interesting insights into everyday university life from the perspective of lecturers and university administration. Previous knowledge of data protection is not absolutely necessary; the workshops and lectures of the lecture series are held by (partly external) lecturers.

I'd like more information on the topic or am interested in helping out?

You can find more information, contact options and announcements about events on the Datenschutzzertifikates webpage.

You can usually find the courses in the course catalog (FB 12 Computer Science).

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