M. Sc. Ihuoma Faith Obioma

Masters in International Business and Management



Postal address: Goethe Universität · Institut für Psychologie · Abt. Sozialpsychologie Hauspostfach 74 · 60323 Frankfurt

eMail: Obioma@psych.uni-frankfurt.de

Office hours: Upon request, PEG building, room 5.G030

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About me

I joined the Social Psychology department as a doctoral student in early 2019. I research on gender and stereotypes across countries using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. I investigate gender differences in stereotypical self and others’ perceptions and its impact on career choice as well as the workplace. I am also interested in the effect of migrants’ intersectionality between ethnicity, gender, and migrant status (for men and women) on their overall workplace fit and socio-cultural identification.


Link to full academic resume

2019 - Today: Ph.D. student at Goethe University, Social Psychology Department.

2017 - 2018: Master’s in international business and Management at De Montfort University, Leicester. U.K.

2017: English as a Foreign Language teacher at Cape Coast University, Ghana.

Research interests

  • Gender & Diversity
    • The effect of gender stereotypes on workplace discrimination.
    • Differences in gender characterizations across cultures.
  • Culture & Ethnicity
    • Inclusion of immigrants and minority groups in organizations.
    • Migrant acculturation strategies and host country acceptance.
    • Perceptions of biculturalism at work.
    • Workplace fit and identity mismatch.


  • Obioma, I.F., Jaga, A., Raina, M., Asekun, W.B. & Hernandez Bark, A.S. (2022) Gendered share of housework and the COVID-19 pandemic: examining self-ratings and speculation of others in Germany, India, Nigeria, and South Africa. Journal of Social Issues, 00, 1– 28. https://doi.org/10.1111/josi.12507
  • Obioma, I. F., Hentschel, T., & Hernandez-Bark A. S. (2021). Gender stereotypes and self-characterizations in Germany and Nigeria: A cross-cultural comparison. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.1–17. https://doi.org/10.1111/jasp.12801