Center for Psychotherapy

The Center for Psychotherapy at the Goethe University integrates practice, research and clinical training of psychogical therapies on a state of the art level of scientific evidence. It is committed to provide mental health care by delivering psychotherapy based on a scientific evidence and a high level of quality standards. It conducts research in the development and dissemination of modern therapies that are based on psychological science. It offers clinical training and continuous education of psychologists in modern methods of psychological psychotherapy, aimed at enhancing the processing of emotions, the broadening of consciousness, improving personal relationships, and improving psychological well-being.

The Center for Psychotherapy was founded in 1999 as a consequence of the Psychotherapy Law in Germany that enabled Departments of Clinical Psychology to independently conduct research, offer psychotherapy in health care and organize clinical training with approval of the government and health insurances. It has grown to one of the largest psychotherapy care institutions in the Rhine Main Area, delivering psychological treatment for more than 1000 patients per year. It provides specialized departments for adults, children and adolescents, as well as specialized treatments for trauma, chronic depression, and refugees. Research focuses on the continuous development of modern psychological therapies and its evaluation in clinical trials. In each of both clinical training programmes, 15 psychotherapies per year achieve the state-approved certificate (“Approbation”) of a psychological psychotherapist or child and adolescent psychotherapist.

Director of the Center for Psychotherapy and head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stangier. The Department of Adult Psychotherapy is directed by PD Dr. Regina Steil, the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy by Dr. Dörte Grassmann. The Clinical Training Programme in Psychological Psychotherapy for Adults is directed by Dr. Heike Winter and for Child and Adolescents by Dr. Franziska Schreiber.