Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Clinical Training

in Psychotherapy

Postgraduate Training Programs: Structure

To obtain the state-approved permission to practice psychotherapy, the German Psychotherapists‘  law requires a post gradual training after a university degree either in Psychological Psychotherapy or Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, containing the following elements:

600 hours of theory lessons (including cognitive behavioral therapeutic approaches, mental disorders, interventions and some information about other psychotherapy approaches)

1200 hours of internship in a psychiatric institution or clinic

600 hours of internship in a psychotherapeutic or an outpatient institution

120 hours of self-experience in groups

600 hours of treatment under 150 hours of supervision.

The duration of the clinical training is full-time (3 years) or part-time (5 years). The postgradual training ends with the final state examination if the candidates have presented the required proof of corresponding prerequisites at one of the clinical training programs of the Goethe-University. The program has to be privately paid.

The Clinical Training Program for Psychological Psychotherapy is delivered at the Goethe – University since 1993. It provides a state-approved graduate training in clinical psychology with special focus on cognitive-behavioural therapy. Graduates get the permission to practice as psychological psychotherapists (Psychologischer Psychotherapeut). The training consists of 600h theory, 120h self-reflection, 1.800h praktical work in a psychiatric or psychosomatic hospital, 600h psychotherapy with outpatients with 150h supervison. The training course is based on the Psychotherapeutengesetz (PsychThG)

106 psychologists are participating in the program at this moment.