The ADE unit offers services in the area of psychological diagnostics and evaluation. One of its main activities is to compile reports for family courts and on the credibility of witness testimony. Psychology students familiarize themselves with the various fields of application of psychological diagnostics in the framework of practical training. Postgraduates (Diploma/Masters) complete the practical part of their professional training as legal psychology specialists in a supervised team.



The AfEM unit’s task is to provide methodical support in the development and evaluation of quality assurance instruments as well as help with the analysis of evaluation data. .



Our Service Call-a-CAB is a free-of-charge Buddy-Program. It is a service by students, who assist students under special circumstances. The aim of the program is to support students in difficult situations with personal and sensitive help in their everyday student life.


Center for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapeutic treatment has been available at the Outpatient Behavioural Therapy Centre at Goethe University Frankfurt since 1999. In addition to the outpatient unit for adults set up in 1999, in 2010 the centre began offering psychotherapeutic treatment for children and adolescents from pre-school to adult age.


Center for Psychotherapy - Children and Adolescents


Competence Center School Psychology Hesse

The Competence Center School Psychology Hesse is a scientifically linked support structure for the school psychologists working in the state school offices in Hesse. One component is the promotion of the expansion of systematic counseling, prevention and intervention services for Hessian schools.


The aim of the IKH, the Interdisciplinary College for University Teaching, is to further professionalize teaching at Goethe University Frankfurt by offering teaching staff training in this area, encouraging dialogue and exchange within and across individual subjects as well as conducting research in the field of educational psychology in the context of teaching and learning in adult age.


As a counselling centre for children and adolescents with learning difficulties, ADHS or intellectual giftedness, MainKind offers such youngsters and their families a comprehensive diagnosis as well as advice on learning disabilities. Implementing interventions on selected topics is a further component of the centre’s work.


Outpatient clinic for victims of violent crimes


Psychoanalytic University Outpatient Unit

The Psychoanalytic University Outpatient Unit is a research unit that offers first consultation and short-term therapy for various mental health problems and pathologies as well as referral to registered psychotherapists if required.


Psychosocial Counseling Center for Refugees (PBF) at the Center for Psychotherapy at Goethe University




Teaching Practice of the Center for Psychotherapy at Goethe University


Trauma Outpatient Unit

The Trauma Outpatient Unit opened in 2009 and has since concentrated on the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. Its approach is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which apart from confrontation with the trauma stimuli also focuses on changing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs related to the trauma and its consequences.