What we offer faculty and staff

Faculty and staff

Here we provide material in German that you can use in or adapt for your own teaching. You may also consider sharing these worksheets with your students.

In cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Center, we offer further trainings in German, which are recognized by the program Zertifikat Hochschullehre.

In addition, we can discuss workshop formats for specific topics, e.g. essay writing, if you and your colleagues express interest.

In cooperation with the Center of Humanities we organize workshops for the Lehrlabor. Topics include peer-facilitated learning, plagiarism in term papers, and giving productive feedback on students’ texts.

Are you interested in trying out our pedagogical strategies for writing in your classes?

We gladly offer collegial advice in German and in English.

Please contact us via e-mail:

Dr. Nora Hoffmann | n.hoffmannt[at]em.uni-frankfurt.de