Monday 24th September 2018

The opening takes place in the Chapel at the Vonderau Museum

16:00    Registration


  • Ministerialrat Daniel Köfer
    Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst (HMWK)
  • Vertreter der Stadt Fulda
  • Rüdiger Krause (Frankfurt), Svend Hansen (Berlin)
    LOEWE-Schwerpunkt „Prähistorische Konfliktforschung“
16:45   Opening Lectures
  • Frank Verse (Fulda)
    Archäologie im Fuldaer Land - ein Überblick
  • Daniel Neumann (Frankfurt), Svend Hansen (Berlin)
    LOEWE Forschungen zwischen Taunus und Vogelsberg
  • Hélène Blitte (Frankfurt), Rüdiger Krause (Frankfurt)
    LOEWE Forschungen zwischen Vogelsberg und Rhön


  Dinner at "zum Ritter"
Kanalstraße 18-20
36067 Fulda

Tuesday 25th September 2018

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Lectures will take place in the room "Forum" of the " Kanzlerpalais".

Each lecture is 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute discussion

9:00   Session 1
    Svend Hansen (Berlin), Rüdiger Krause (Frankfurt)
Materialisation of Conflicts – Introduction to the Topic
    Christian Horn (Göteborg)
Showmen and Fighters – The role of Weapons during the Early Nordic Bronze Age
    Guido Berndt (Berlin)
The Armament of Lombard Warriors in Italy – Some Historical and Archaeological Approaches
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Session 2
    William O`Brian (Cork)
Metal in the Landscape: a Materialisation of War and Conflict in the Irish Bronze Age?
    Biba Teržan (Ljubljana)
Waffenweihungen in der Karsthöhle Mušja jama bei Škocjan (Slowenien): Sieger - Verlierer - Überlebende?
    Rafael Greenberg (Tel Aviv), Hai Ashkenasi (Tel Aviv)
Intentionally Broken Maceheads of the Early Bronze Age Levant: Meeting (Symbolic) Violence with (Symbolic) Violence?
13:00   Lunch
14:30   Session 3
    Johan Ling (Göteborg)
Rock Art, Warfare and Secret Societies
    Nick Thorpe (Winchester)
Scales of conflict in Bronze Age to Iron Age Britain: Enemies both outside and within
    Daniel Föller (Frankfurt)
How to take a fortified settlement. Historiographical evidence from the Carolingian conquest of Aquitaine (760-769 CE)
16:00   Coffee break
16:30   Session 4
    Oliver Nakoinz (Kiel)
Conflict and Conciliation
    Immo Heske (Göttingen)
Vom Einzelkämpfer zur Massenflucht. Materielle Spuren von Konflikten von der ausgehenden Jungsteinzeit bis zur frühen Eisenzeit aus den niedersächsischen Lößlandschaften
    Matija Črešnar (Ljubljana)
What do landscapes, sites and finds in Slovenia tell us about conflicts in the Bronze Age


  Dinner at "La Romantica"
Pfandhausstraße 1
36067 Fulda

Wednesday 26th September 2018

9:00   Session 5
    Victor Sava (Arad), Florin Gogâltan (Cluj-Napoca), Rüdiger Krause (Frankfurt)
Latest News from the Bronze Age Battlefield in Sântana (South-Western Romania)
    Barry Molloy (Dublin)
Constructing social topographies through fortification – The role of earthworks in defining community relationships, hierarchies and the character of conflict in later Bronze Age Banat
    Fabien Delrieu (Clermont-Ferrand)
Remparts and defensive architectures during the Bronze Age in France: A first review
10:30   Coffee break
11:00   Session 6
    Davide Delfino (Coimbra)
Preparing the landscape to conflict. Some examples of “encastellation” in Bronze Age Southern Europe, between practical and symbolic use of hill top walled settlements
    Silke Müth-Frederiksen (Copenhagen)
The late-Classical city wall of Messene on the Peloponnese: Preparation for and prevention of conflict
    Teresa Koloma Beck (München)
Defensive living. Ethnographic insights into the making of safeplaces in contemporary Kabul
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Panel discussion and synthesis
16:00   Coffee break
16:30   Guided tour through the historical citycenter and/or the Voderau Museum
19:30   Dinner at Brauhaus "Wiesenmühle"
Wiesenmühlenstraße 13
36067 Fulda

Thursday 27th September 2018

9:00   Excursion to the Sängersberg near Bad Salzschlirf and the Museum Keltenwelten at Glauberg
16:00   Buffet at
Museum Keltenwelten
19:30   Arrival in Fulda

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