Master of Laws degree (LLM.) for foreign law graduates

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The Faculty offers a one-year master’s degree programme (LL.M.) specifically tailored to foreign law graduates. This programme, established in 1989, is designed for graduates in law who have completed legal studies at a foreign university with course requirements comparable to those in Germany. Candidates for the programme must demonstrate an adequate knowledge of the German language.

The programme’s aim is to provide students with a grounding in the basics of German law and an opportunity to study a specific area of German, European or international law in depth. LL.M. students can choose their specialisation from any of the areas offered by the Faculty.

The Faculty of Law at the Goethe University has particular strengths in the areas of legal history and legal theory. Other important aspects of the Faculty’s work include comparative law, international law, European law and, more recently, the field of law and finance.

The Faculty of Law is centrally located on the new Campus Westend. This modern and attractive campus reflects both the vibrant and urban flair and the open and tolerant atmosphere of the city and its university.