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Legal education at the Goethe University Frankfurt is provided in accordance with the Hessian Law on legal training. The Frankfurt approach is distinctive in offering a solid grounding in the legal basics combined with an interdisciplinary perspective (going beyond the boundaries of law) in the teaching of the compulsory subjects. Similarly, in their choice of optional subjects (sixth to eighth semesters), students have the opportunity to specialise in an area of law defined by the processes and challenges of societal change; whether of a political, legal, socio-economic, technical or cultural nature. These processes and challenges are reflected in the increasing importance of transnational law (European law) and human rights, information society law (media, telecommunications and data protection law) and economic law (corporate, financial services, labour and social law). Likewise, they place new demands on the criminal law and the law of sentencing. In addition, they shape the legal history of Europe and contemporary legal thought. Accordingly, students can choose to specialise in the following six areas: (1) Internationalisation and Europeanisation of law; (2) Law and finance; (3) Foundations of law; (4) Constitutions, public administration and regulation; (5) Work, welfare and the family; (6) Criminal justice.