Adaptation of the State-Trait-Anger Expression Inventory 2

The State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 (STAXI-2; Spielberger, 1999) is the most frequently used technique for assessing anger experience and anger expression. Our department works on the adaptation and validation of the German version of STAXI-2. In 2013, the revised version of STAXI-2 will be published by Hans Huber.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sonja Rohrmann (, (Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Schnell, Dipl.-Psych. Ana Tibubos)


Development and validation of a version of STAXI-2 for children and adolescents

(Dipl.-Psych. Katharina Kupper)


Positive aspects of anger

Even though the emotion anger has already been investigated in many ways, the functional aspect of this emotion has received relatively little attention so far. We investigate the positive aspects of the experience of anger and its effects on our everyday behavior. In that matter, we are especially interested in the motivational component of anger.

(Dipl.-Psych. Ana Tibubos)