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In my publications over the years I have criticized Hegel’s racism, rejected the form of constructivism that Rawls uses in the Law of Peoples, promoted cosmopolitanism against statism, defended global egalitarianism, developed a conception of reconciliation for transitional societies, advanced an account of Jus ex Bello, defended the right to promote sustainable development in climate policy, defended an account of the intrinsic value of biodiversity and natural systems, criticized discounted utilitarianism, developed and defended the anti-poverty principle and the pro-poor formula for climate policy, and argued for the importance of hope to political and policy responses to climate change and the Anthropocene. I have published two books on global justice, Cosmopolitan Justice (Westview 2000) and Global Inequality Matters (Palgrave 2009), and two on climate justice, The Moral Challenge of Dangerous Climate Change; Values, Poverty, and Policy (Cambridge 2014) and Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty (Oxford 2022). Additionally, I have co-edited four collected volumes, and published over 60 peer reviewed articles or book chapters.

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