Field Schools

International Field Schools – an Ideal Format for the Comprehensive Support of Young Researchers

ZIAF has already organised three international field schools, two in Malawi and one in Uganda. All three were financed by the Volkswagen Foundation. In 2009, teachers and students from Germany, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania came together in the far north of Malawi to spend three weeks researching the “Evolution of Humans”. In 2012, the second field school took place at the southern end of Lake Malawi and addressed the “Evolution of Biodiversity of Lake Malawi”. The third field school took place end of 2013. In cooperation with the University of Giessen, the school addressed aquatic biology with a perspective on nature and water protection in south-western Uganda.

These events are extremely successful in maximising their potentials. Especially the creation of networks between young African researchers has a long lasting effect on academic cooperation between African academics and their German colleagues and between African researchers themselves.

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