Chair of Political Science: German and European Foreign Policy


Research Interests

  • International Relations Theory, especially Pragmatism
  • Foreign Policy Analysis, especially German and European Foreign Policy
  • Transatlantic and European Security
  • European Integration
  • Democracy and International Relations

Ongoing Research Projects

"Re-thinking multilateralism. Challenges and Opportunities for New Multilateralism(s)"

Project Partners: 
Goethe-University Frankfurt, Friede Springer StiftungSchader StiftungAspen Institut Germany

Project Team: Prof. Hellmann, Dr. Daniel Jacobi, Jens Bartsch, M.A. | Twitter @MultilatProject

The research project "Multilateralismus weiter denken" at Goethe University Frankfurt seeks a fundamental re-construction of multilateralism as a core concept of international cooperation. At the same time it also samples out concrete instances of of multilateral coalitions, conventions and cooperation in case studies and analyses them with a view towards success factors and incentives for successful multilateral action.