GWC's private apartments' data base

The Goethe Welcome Centre maintains a database for offers of mainly furnitured private apartments in and around Frankfurt. The GWC receives these offers from private individuals, which we will gladly share with you.

Please note that the minimum rental period for most of these appartment will be not less than three months.

To receive an offer you are kindly requested to fill out GWC's online registration form first. In a second step we will send you by e-mail the link to enter your accommodation request into GWC's roomBase .

As accommodation offers are very scarce we will send only one to each applicant. Nevertheless we cannot guarantee the availability of these apartments, especially when trade shows are on in Frankfurt. At these times, hotels also have different terms and conditions.

For any questions concerning offers from the GWC database please contact Ms Zinn. If you want to submit an accommodation offer to the GWC your contact partner would also be Ms Zinn. Alternatively you might enter your offer directly into our database.

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