01.10.2023 10:00

New Semester. New Team.

We welcome 4 student employees to our team for the new semester: Maria Halloran, Jonathan Schaffert, Jim Stegmann and Alessandro-Daniel Tedesco. Mica Himmeldirk is also returning to us.

Maria Halloran is working on the DFG project "Smart Authoritarianism? Comparing the Internet Strategies of Authoritarian Regimes" and is a tutor for the course "Introduction to Comparative Democracy" Jonathan Schaffert is responsible for the communication and coordination of the students of our introductory course "Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung". Mica Himmeldirk and Jim Stegmann each give two tutorials in the same course. Alessandro-Daniel Tedesco takes on various tasks in our research projects and the organization of our activities.