06.12.2023 17:53

E LA NAVE VA - Book on the Vigoni workshop published

Bookcover E La Nave Va
In view of the frequently stated "polycrisis", it seems that not only Italy and Italy and Germany themselves seem to be in crisis, but also their relationship to each other. Indeed, questions of economic and economic and financial policy as well as international migration are increasinglleading to disgruntlement in German-Italian relations, while whereas solidarity prevailed during the Covid crisis. And the ship is still at sea - e la nave va! But where the journey will take us and whether the ship is seaworthy, an international group of scientists group of scientists from Italy and Germany discussed in the fall of 2021, including a including a largergroup from our professorship including Professor Wagemann as co-organizer of the workshop in close collaboration with Villa Vigoni. The various contributions, especially from young academics, have now been published in book form published in book form, under the editorship of Claudius Wagemann and his colleagues Ton Notermans, Simona Piattoni and Luca Verzichelli. Frankfurt contributions are by Lukas Brenner, Nikolaus Freimuth, Alexander Mathewes, Mohamed Salhi and Nils Sartorius.