German in Your Studies

In order to succeed in your studies, it is important that you can follow the lectures at Goethe University and that you can understand and write academic texts. Learning German is also a great advantage for getting to know the locals, entering the German job market, and for your personal motivation.

Improve your German

Our tip: Improve your German each and every semester by setting yourself specific goals (e.g. academic writing, German pronunciation). Take advantage of the various opportunities offered by the Internationales Studienzentrum (ISZ).

If you find that you still have difficulty reading a textbook or writing an exam or term paper in German, especially in the first few semesters, you should take the time to improve your language skills, even if this means that you initially earn fewer credit hours per semester. This will make your studies easier later on. Take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the Goethe University, such as the language tandem program. In general, try to speak as much German as possible!


The key to success in your studies is to have a good understanding of the course material and to be able to discuss it with others. Goethe University offers a wide variety of course types, which may differ depending on your field of study. Taking notes during class is important so that you can review the material later on. No one, not even native speakers, can remember everything! As a general rule, for a two-hour class (lecture, seminar, tutorial, workshop, etc.) you should allow at least that much time for preparation and review. The better your knowledge of German, the easier it will be for you to prepare for and follow-up on your courses.

In addition, you can always ask your more experienced German peers about transcripts, presentations, and study groups.

If you have problems following the lectures, please talk to your advisors. Once you get over the initial hurdles, the courses will become easier and easier for you.

German as an academic language

The German you use in an academic context is usually more complex than in everyday life. Academic writing and work can also vary greatly depending on the field. Nevertheless, there are some basic principles that you should learn in order to be successful in your studies. We therefore encourage you to take advantage of the wide range of courses offered by the Internationales Studienzentrum (ISZ) at Goethe University to improve these skills and your overall academic performance.