FAQ Enrollment, Health Insurance, and Goethe Card/IT Services

Registration | Enrollment

Please refer to the information on procedures for undergraduate and DOSV programs.

Applicants for ZV programs will receive all necessary information with their admission letter.r.

The required documents are listed on the application form.

The following applies to all subjects:

  • Payment receipt for the semester fee (amount and bank details are given in the notification).
  • Officially certified copy of the school leaving certificate
  • Certificate of health insurance (or exemption from compulsory insurance)
  • Application for Goethe Card
  • If you have already studied: Transcript of the last university attended
  • For applicants without a German university entrance qualification: certified copy of DSH certificate or equivalent

Depending on the course of study, additional documents may be required, e.g. proof of language and aptitude tests, OSA certificates, etc.

In-person enrollment is generally not required. All documents listed on the application form must be submitted by mail.

Personal enrollment is not required for ZV programs. In this case, the required documents can be sent by e-mail in advance to sli@uni-frankfurt.de (applies only to Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy).

The documents must be received by us by mail within the enrollment deadline (see notification). Please observe the deadline. If the documents are not received in time, you will lose your place! It is not possible to send them by e-mail instead.

While you must meet deadline by sending the documents via mail, you can also additionally send them via e-mail to sli@uni-frankfurt.de.

Please use regular mail. Registered mail or other forms of personal delivery cannot be accepted. If you are concerned that your documents may be lost in the mail, please e-mail them to sli@uni-frankfurt.de.

With the exception of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, in-person enrollment is not required. Enrollment is completed by paying the semester fee and submitting the required documents listed in the admission letter. You have the option of having the admission letter sent to you in advance by e-mail. If you have the required documents with you, you can also send them to us by mail from abroad. It is easier if you make sure that someone at your home receives your mail and is authorized to do the enrollment for you. You can find a power of attorney form at this link. Please have all the documents required for enrollment ready before your break (including an officially certified copy of your university entrance qualification, any additional proof required such as aptitude tests, language certificates, etc.) and, if you have already studied at a university, your student records with master data sheet and notice of departure/exit from the last university you attended.

With a power of attorney, it is also possible to enroll in person at the ZV. Only the application for the Goethe Card must be signed by you personally and can be submitted later.

On our home page, you can log in with your applicant number and date of birth under "Stand meiner Bewerbung" (My Application Status). Here you can see which procedures have already taken place, whether you have been admitted and which documents you already have. You will also receive an e-mail from the Registrar's Office if any documents are missing.

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Sorry, we cannot accept the semester fee in cash. Please transfer the amount to the account specified in the admission letter by the indicated deadline.
Of course, what matters most is properly describing the purpose of the payment.

If this happens, please request a refund of the overpayment.

If you have paid too little, you should pay the difference as soon as possible. If you make a payment during the late payment period (August for the winter semester, February for the summer semester), please do not forget to pay the late payment fee of €30.

In case of incorrect information, e.g. the purpose of the payment, please send us a copy of the bank statement by mail or e-mail to sli@uni-frankfurt.de. Please note that processing may take a few days.

No, the semester fee is a per student fee and you only have to pay it once per semester.

If you are in a double major, you can easily drop one of the majors and return to a single major by notifying us via email. Please include your name and registration number in the email and clearly state which major you wish to drop and which you wish to keep.

Please note the following deadlines:

  • Drop a major before the following winter term:
    By e-mail no later than 09/30.
  • Drop a major before the following summer term:
    By e-mail no later than 03/31.

Keep in mind that re-registration must have already taken place.

No, there are no additional fees for double majors in Hessen. You pay the regular semester fee.

Please apply for withdrawal and refund of tuition fees.

Complete the application form and send it to us together with the required documents (copy of the semester fee remittance slip, master data sheet and Goethe Card).

If we have received all documents and the semester fee in time, we will check your documents and send you your academic records (master data sheet, etc.), usually within 10 days. You will receive a separate notification from the HRZ about the processing of the Goethe Card.

Each faculty offers orientation sessions to help you get started with your studies, including planning your schedule. You should also read your study regulations and discuss any questions with your faculty advisor.

Student health insurance

The certificate is issued by your health insurance company.

Your health insurance number and the company number of your health insurance company must appear on the certificate. After the semester begins, the university will automatically report your enrollment to your health insurance company. If the health insurance company asks you directly for proof of enrollment, it is usually sufficient to provide them with a certificate of enrollment.

Please see the detailed information (also for students with private health insurance) on this page.

No, the "Bescheinigung zur Vorlage bei der Hochschule“ (certificate for submission to the university) is a special form issued to you by the health insurance company. We are not allowed to accept a simple confirmation of membership or a copy of the insurance card.

EU citizens can present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Click here for more information. 

Non-EU citizens must have health insurance valid in Germany during their stay in Germany.

Goethe Card | IT services

With the HRZ account you can use Goethe University's IT services. This includes the Goethe Card (student ID) and your student e-mail address. You can find information about the HRZ here

If you are a first-year student, you will receive the Goethe Card from the Study Service Center (SSC) after you have successfully applied for a course of study at Goethe University. The Goethe Card is currently sent to first-year students by mail to their place of residence. If you are an international student, we will contact you.

If you need a new Goethe Card at a later point in your studies, you will have to pay an administrative fee of €35 at the Student Service Center (SSC) and will receive a new card from the Goethe Card Service.

Please refer to the HRZ website and the information provided by SLI.

For technical questions (e.g. problems with your account), please contact the University Computing Center (HRZ). 

E-mail: qis-admin@rz.uni-frankfurt.de.

If you have questions or problems regarding the content of the offered courses or individual courses, please contact the respective faculty or dean's office.

If you have questions about the content of examinations, please contact the relevant examination office.

You only need to send the Goethe Card with your de-registration form if you have validated your Goethe Card for the following semester. Otherwise, you can keep the Goethe Card, which can be used until the end of the current semester.