Ukraine Crisis

Questions and answers for students from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus already enrolled at Goethe University

Your study regulations specify how long you can withdraw from an exam without giving a reason. If this period has already passed, you can only withdraw in the case of illness. If you are suffering from a severe psychological strain that makes it impossible for you to take the exam at this time, it is possible to withdraw from the exam with a medical certificate.

You can find information about this on the websites of your examination offices or in your study regulations.

If you are experiencing a crisis, we recommend that you seek help. You can find appropriate resources here.

If you are on sick leave for at least six weeks, you have the option of taking a leave of absence from your studies. Your enrollment status is then suspended. You will not attend classes or take exams.

Please note! A leave of absence can affect your residence permit and your financial support for your studies. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek appropriate guidance in advance.

Questions and answers for refugee students and prospective students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus who are not yet enrolled at Goethe University

In general, Goethe University is open to refugee students. However, certain requirements must be met in order to study:

  1. The vast majority of the university's programs are taught in German. In order to apply directly for a degree program, you will need a German language certificate at the C1 level.
  2. You need a university entrance qualification that is appropriate for the relevant course of study.
  3. You need a residence permit that allows you to study in Germany.
  4. Some programs have a limited number of places. It is not always possible to get into the desired degree program.

To help you find your way around and prepare for your studies in Frankfurt, Goethe University has set up the Academic Welcome Program for refugees. There you can get advice, support and information about language courses.

You can get a rough overview with the help of the "Anabin" database. There you can enter your degrees and get a general idea of how they are recognized in Germany.

Questions and answers for dean's office employees