Central Counselling Facilities at Goethe University

Advisory Services Directory

All the advisory services offered by Goethe University Frankfurt are listed in the university's Advisory Services Directory.

Student Service Centre

The Student Service Point, the Student Registration Office, Central Academic Advice and the Career Service, among others, are all part of the Student Services Centre.

Student Service Point

The Student Service Point is a contact point for all those who prefer personal contact. Here you can obtain initial information from Central Academic Advice as well as all the application forms issued by Student Administration.

Student Registration Office

The Student Registration Office is your point of contact for all matters concerning the administration of your student status. You can contact the Student Registration Office if you want to apply for a place at the university, switch subject or change your address.

Central Academic Advice

You can obtain general information from Central Academic Advice about the degree programmes offered at Goethe University Frankfurt (requirements, contents, structure, focus areas, possible combinations, etc.). In addition, they can advise you on the following topics, among others:

  • Help with choosing a degree programme 
  • Doubts about studying? Assistance with seeking alternative study opportunities
  • Information on applications (with a German higher education entrance qualification) 
  • Information on changing subject or university 
  • Studying with a child or care responsibilities -> see also Family Service
  • Reconciling studies and part-time employment 
  • Studying with a disability

Career Service

The Career Service helps you as you enter a profession and offers individual career guidance as well as a range of workshops and practical talks on how to shape your career path.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre

The Psychotherapeutic Counselling Centre for Students is a facility of the Student Services Centre of Goethe University Frankfurt. Services are primarily geared towards students at the university with a personal issue who are looking for someone to talk to. By this we mean study-related difficulties (exam nerves, disruptions to work, etc.), personal problems (e.g. relationship conflicts, identity issues) or psychological disorders (e.g. depression, anxiety, addiction). Counselling services range from crisis intervention when a student feels personally overburdened to short-term interventions (e.g. before examinations) to coaching (e.g. in conjunction with bereavement or separation).

​Global Office

The Global Office is responsible for questions related to studying abroad and the first port of call for students coming from abroad and studying at Goethe University Frankfurt. You can find information here about the Erasmus+ programme of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Frankfurt Student Services

Frankfurt Student Services runs cafeterias and halls of residence. It is also responsible for student grants under the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act, student job placements and the Semester Ticket Hardship Fund. It also advises on financial, legal, social and psychosocial issues.

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre helps students to develop academic writing and reading skills. You can obtain individual advice on your own writing projects and attend academic writing workshops and courses.

Key Skills Centre

Academic skills training at Goethe University Frankfurt offers students an opportunity to acquire skills in basic studying techniques and to reflect on and productively develop their own student experience and conduct in the group. For this purpose, workshops are offered every semester, e.g. on self-management and work strategies.

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Dipl.-Soz. Alexander Simon

Student counselling for B.A. programs in Political Science and Sociology / Student counselling for M.A. programs / M.A. admission / B.A./M.A. internship counselling 

Telephone: +49 069/798-36596


PEG Room 2.G 133

Open consultation hours:

Tuesday 11a.m - 1p.m.

Thursday 11a.m. - 1 p.m.

In lecture free time only on Tuesdays

Open telephone consultation hours:

Wednesday 11a.m - 1p.m.

or by individual arrangement

Department 03
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt am Main