Jul 13 2022

Claudius Wagemann celebrates 10-year anniversary at Goethe-University

Porta patet, cor magis!“ * 

This motto is still fully valid in the year 2022, possibly even more than ever. And so it was no coincidence that, towards the end of this summer semester, a whole crowd of congratulators gathered for one of the notorious Tuesday afternoons in a well-known tea kitchen. The occasion for the joyful gathering was twofold: celebrating both Claudius Wagemann's 10th anniversary of service at Goethe University and his 50th birthday. The trinity of this double birthday was finally completed by the jubilarian himself, whose spirit had never left Frankfurt, but who celebrated his return to the Main in body and soul after his research stay in beautiful Florence.

Provided with the blessing of the boss, the Wagemann team had meticulously prepared the small celebration. And the result was a complete success: Colleagues and companions from the department reached out to each other; delicious cake creations were served together with the refreshing Frankfurt-Italian drink creation "the Claudius"; and in keeping with the occasion of the double day of honor, a selection of carefully curated gifts was handed over, which Claudius Wagemann - the incarnate, not the spirit - knew how to appreciate with blessed joy and at the same time with holy seriousness. The festivities finally came to a close with a communal supper for Team Wagemann in the cozy cider garden.

While the first ten years of Claudius Wagemann's era at Goethe University are thus subject to the inclined eye of historians, the next ten have yet to be written. A meaningful and necessarily eclectic insight into the countless professional and personal successes of this history so far is provided by WagemannSpektrum, a lavishly designed and limited edition "special issue" of the well-known university magazine. In this spirit, Team Wagemann congratulates its boss and wishes: May the next ten years be at least as grandiose as the past ones!

* "The door is open, the heart even more so!"