M.Sc. Kira Bibic

Masters in Psychology



Postadress: Goethe Universität · Institut für Psychologie · Abt. Sozialpsychologie Hauspostfach 74 · 60323 Frankfurt

e-Mail: bibic@psych.uni-frankfurt.de

Office hours: upon agreement, PEG Building, Room 5.G014

About me

I am a PhD student in the social psychology department. I completed my psychology studies in the Netherlands. In my master's degree, I specialized in conflict, risk, and safety psychology. As part of this specialization, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into the exciting field of social psychology. I have enjoyed research since I was an undergraduate, and I look forward to pursuing it in my future career. Currently, my research focus lies on the overall topic of trust in organizations. Among other things, I closely investigate the link between trust and good leadership. Besides my focus on trust and leadership, I am highly interested in conflict and political psychology-related topics.


Since 2022:  PhD Student at Social Psychology Department (Goethe University Frankfurt)

2020-2021: (M.Sc.) Conflict, Risk, and Safety Psychology

2017-2020: (B.Sc.) Psychology


Research interests

  • Trust
    • Trust in Organizations
  • Leadership (Identity Leadership)
  • Conflict Psychology
    • Political psychology


Classic Studies in Social Psychology - Revisted II (Sommersemester 2023)