​Requests for the Opening of Courses

Applications for the retroactive opening of courses in the summer semester 2023

You can hand in your request for retroactive opening of courses for additional modules from April 3 - April 21 2023 via Email. Please use this form.

Retroactive opening of courses for further modules

The regular assignment to modules of all courses offered at the faculty is done in the course of curriculum planning. However, at the beginning of each semester, students have the possibility to request that courses offered at the faculty are opened for additional modules.

Please note that requests for the opening of courses are only possible for courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

Please note the special rules for MA Political Theory students (at the end of this page).

Application and procedure

Applications for the retroactive opening of courses for further modules pass through a multi-stage procedure:

  1. Students complete the form for the semester in question (see below), which is made available for download in good time before the start of the semester, stating their reasons in relation to course content for requesting that the course be opened. 
  2. Students present this form to the lecturer of the course concerned, on which he/she notes his/her decision regarding content. Alternatively, the lecturer can notify the students of his/her consent by email.
  3. Students submit the form to the respective programme directors, who make the final decision on the basis of the course content. The programme directors' current contact details are listed on p. 2 of the form.
  4. The programme directors' offices forward the form to the Dean of Studies Office, which publishes the results on the website after the deadline and adds the confirmed opening of a course or courses in the QIS/LSF portal.

When submitting your application, please check whether the course type of the course to be opened meets the requirements of the desired module. 

Special rules for M.A. Political Theory students

MA Political Theory students can apply for the opening of courses offered by other faculties and/or have these recognised:  

  1. The retroactive opening of courses offered by the Faculty of Philosophy and History of Goethe University Frankfurt can be requested using the Form for the Retroactive Opening of Courses
  2. Courses which are not offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Philosophy and History (at Goethe University Frankfurt) or the Department of History and Social Sciences at TU Darmstadt can be recognised individually. For this, an application for recognition must be submitted to the Examination Committee. Please note that this procedure only provides for recognition for the individual applicant.

Retroactively opened courses in the summer semester 2023

Retroactive opening

Aktuelle Texte zur Erkenntnistheorie

Prof'in. Alexandra Zinke

Antonio Gramscis StaatstheorieSimon GurischPT-MA-3, PT-MA-4

Colloquium Lessenich: Research and Exam Colloquium Social Theory and Social Research

Stephan Lessenich, Laura HanemannIS14-MA-8, IS-MA-8
De/Coloniality of SexualitySarah SandelbaumSOZ-MA-3, PT-MA-7

Digital Politics in East Asia

Betram Lang

CD-MA-D1; CD-MA-D2; IS14-MA-7a; IS-MA-7GW; PW-MA-2b/3b/4b

Ethnographie, Rassismus und intersektionale Perspektiven auf die postmigrantische Stadtgesellschaft

Dr. Onur NobregaPW14-BA-SP, PT-MA-4
Foreign Policy Analysis from Theory to Practice (TUDa)

M. Lepeu
IS14-MA-7a; IS-MA-7GW
Forschungskolloquium Prof. MenkeProf. Dr. Christoph Menke


Forschungskolloquium Sozialphilosophie

Dr. Hannes KuchPT-MA-10
Georg Lukács. Geschichte und Klassenbewusstsein

Dr. Jonas HellerPT-MA-3
Globale Ästhetiken II

Prof. Dr. Heinz Drügh, Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke

Hofmeister Colloquium for Final theses and research papers in the field of sociology of work

Prof. Heather HofmeisterIS14-MA-8, IS-MA-8
International OrganisationsDr. Caroline FehlCD-MA-D2

Introduction to experimental methods

Dr. Tamara GutfleischIS14-MA-1, IS-MA-1

Introduction to the sociology of space and its application to sites of human atrocities (TUDa)

Prof. Dr. Sybille Katja FrankPT-MA-5a
Jürgen Habermas über Glaube und Wissen

Prof. Dr. Thomas M. SchmidtPT-MA-2
Money, currencies and the sociology of markets

Prof. Dr. Barbara BrandlPT-MA-4
New Materialism and the "Rights of Things"Prof. Dr. Doris SchweitzerPW-MA-2a/3a/4a

New perspectives on the culture of rememberance and the discourse of reconciliation

Dr. Francesco Ferrari

PT-MA-2; PT-MA-7
Policy Fields (TUDa)Dr. Chris HöhnePT-MA-7

Postkoloniale Zugänge zur jüdischen Geschichte

Dr. Stefan VogtIS14-MA-7, IS-MA-7GW, PT-MA-7
Reading Seminar: Marx and Engels, Capital, Vol.1

Lilith DieterichPT-MA-8
"Reality is what resists": science, technology, and society in Bruno Latour's sociology

Dr. Josef BarlaPT-MA-2
Recent approaches to economic sociology (TUDa)

Prof. Dr. Hermann KolthoffPT-MA-7
Research Colloquium - Biotechnology, Nature and Society - Lemke/Dányi

Dr. Endre Danyi, Prof. Dr. Thomas LemkePT-MA-10
Research Practicum Part I: Practices of Evaluation

Tim SeitzIS14-MA-4, IS-MA-4
Rückkehr der Geschichtsphilosophie und die Angst vor der Modernität

Apl. Prof. Klaus-Jürgen GrünPT-MA-4
Social Ethics: Labour, Politics, Christian Practice (TUDa)Prof. Dr. Hermann Große Kracht

Social PolicyAnna GerlachPW14-BA-SP

Social-theoretical approaches to care work

Dr. Annette Hilscher, Alexander Kern, Sarah Mühlbacher

IS14-MA-6, IS-MA-6; PW-MA-2a/3a/4a, PT-MA-7

Sociology and Critical Theory: The Example of Leo Löwenthal

Apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Gostmann

Spinoza's Tractatus - Theologico - Politicus: Philosophy, Religion, and Politics

Prof. Dr. Thomas M. SchmidtPT-MA-2
Standards des Regierens und Demokratie (TUDa)

Prof. Dr. Jens SteffekPT-MA-4
Theorien der Wirtschaftsdemokratie

Dr. Hannes KuchPT-MA-8
The Problematization of Knowledge, Power and Subjectivity in the late work of Michel Foucault

Dr. Hermann KocybaPT-MA-7
The Transformation of Armed ConflictDr. Regina SchwabIS14-MA-1, IS-MA-1

Triangular Cooperation (TUDa)

Dr. Ulrich Müller


Understanding the EU's fast and slow-burning crises (TUDa)

Johanna Breuer

IS14-MA-6, IS-MA-6

Von Hegel zu Marx

Dr. Hannes Kuch


Ways of Viewing Work (M.A.)

Prof. Heather Hofmeister


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