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Sociology is the science of social action. Social action is usually based on norms, but deviations also occur. For example, conflicts develop that can give rise to new norms. Through social action evolves the whole cosmos of human interactions, whether for, with or against each other: flirting and chatting, friendships and enmities, couples, families, associations, networks, companies, markets, parties, states, religions, international organisations, societies, etc.

Sociology studies such and other phenomena in their ongoing transformation and multiple interconnections. To this end, it formulates theories to store its knowledge and develops methods to gain valid insights into the social cosmos. In the degree programme, you will be taught all the necessary theoretical and methodological fundamentals to be able to apply academic work techniques and sociological knowledge in practice.

Frankfurt Peculiarities

The Institute of Sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt is one of the largest in Germany. Over 20 professors and their teams teach and conduct research here. As a result, there is not only broad and sound education in the fundamentals of the discipline but also a diverse and exciting range of courses on highly explosive contemporary issues. Why do women earn less than men? Why do fewer and fewer citizens vote? How can migrants be integrated? How are precarious jobs changing the world of work? Are states at the mercy of global financial markets? How does climate change affect societies? What's actually going on in social networks? And much more besides…
Teaching and research at the Institute of Sociology are enhanced through close cooperation with the following institutions:

Quality Assurance through System Accreditation

As a quality assurance process, accreditation at Goethe University Frankfurt aims to ensure high-quality degree programmes. In Hesse, degree programmes are generally accredited, in accordance with Section 12 (2) Hessian Higher Education Act, before teaching operations commence. Since the university was accepted for system accreditation, accreditation has been conducted as an internal (re)accreditation process when degree programmes are established or continued.

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